Paving and related road work will be taking place on several roads in Gill on Thursday, October 21. Affected roads will be Main Road (section immediately north of FM Kuzmeskus bus company), Mountain Road (north end), and Hoe Shop Road (southern end). Motorists should expect delays between 7:00 AM and 4:00 PM and may want to take alternate routes. Hoe Shop Road will be closed to through traffic.

Online bill pay is now available for current (not late) real estate and personal property tax bills that are due November 1st. Visit the Tax Collector's page (click here) for more info.

Effective on 12:01 AM August 19, 2021 face coverings are required for all individuals aged two years and above in all indoor public spaces, or private spaces open to the public except where an individual is unable to wear a face covering due to a medical condition or disability. This public health mandate is issued by the Gill Board of Health pursuant to MGL Chapter 111 Section 31 and shall remain in effect until revoked by the Gill Board of Health. The complete text of the mandate can be viewed here: /files/2021-08-19_BOH_Gill_Mask_Mandate.pdf

Town of Gill, MA

The town of Gill in northwestern Massachusetts offers education, recreation and quiet, peaceful living opportunities within its 15 square miles. Gill is 7 miles east of Greenfield, 36 miles north of Springfield and 95 miles west of Boston. The 1,500 residents live mostly in single-family homes, although there is one development of condominiums.

Gill, incorporated September 28, 1793, was originally part of Deerfield and was included in the portion set off from Deerfield June 9, 1753, as the district of Greenfield, which became a township that same year. The first settlers on the land that became Gill, who arrived before 1753 and lived later that 1793, were therefore inhabitants of the towns of Deerfield, Greenfield and Gill, successively, even though they never moved.

The town is named in honor of Moses Gill, a member of Massachusetts' Executive Council who became lieutenant govenor in 1794 and acting governor in 1799 when Governor Increase Sumner died. Gill died in 1800, leaving the state without a governor and acting governor for the first and only time in its history.

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The Town Hall is normally open Monday 9AM - 6:30PM; Tuesday through Thursday 9AM - 4:30PM; and closed on Fridays. For the hours and/or meeting schedule for a specific person, board, committee, or department, click on the "Committees" link above.

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