Board of Health

Franklin County Cooperative Public Health Services (CPHS):
Randy Crochier, Regional Health Agent, 413-774-3167 ext 106
Lisa White, Public Health Nurse, 413-665-1400 ext. 114

Office Address: 325 Main Road, Gill, MA 01354-9758
Phone: 413-863-9347
Fax: 413-863-7775

Meeting Schedule: The Board meets as needed, generally on a Tuesday evening. Contact the Chair to be added to the agenda.

No meetings currently scheduled.


3 of 3 seats. 3 years each seat.

  • Jeffrey Blomstedt (Elected), Chair. May, 2022. - 413-265-7234
  • Doug Edson (Elected), Member. May, 2022. - 413-863-8246
  • Ed Galipault (Elected), Member. May, 2023. - 413-863-8576

Town Nurse Hours at Stoughton Place

Regional Public Health Nurse Lisa White is available on the second Friday of each month from 9 – 11 AM in the community room at Stoughton Place, 12 Main Road in Gill. A collaboration between the Gill Board of Health (through membership in the Cooperative Public Health Service of the Franklin Regional Council of Governments) and the Franklin County Housing Authority, this service aims to provide residents with resources for assisting or improving health, such as:
• preventative screening (blood pressure, weight, BMI)
• help with management of chronic conditions like diabetes, COPD, and high blood pressure
• health goal setting and action planning
• medication management
• assistance accessing needed health and social services
• sharps boxes and sharps collection
• medication safes
• mercury thermometer exchange

This is a walk-in service, no appointment needed, and services are open to the whole community. Please call Lisa for more information at 413-665-1400 x 114.

Flu Vaccine Still Available

Call Town Nurse Lisa  White at 665-1400 x114 for clinics and info.

Do you need a pneumonia vaccine?

Anyone can develop serious infections from many bacteria that cause pneumonia.  Adults over the age of 65, children under 2 years of age, people living with chronic health conditions and cigarette smokers are at highest risk for complications of the disease which can be fatal.  Pneumococcal infections are resistant to the antibiotics once used to treat them which makes prevention of the disease even more important.

There are now two types of pneumonia vaccines to provide protection from pneumococcal disease: PPSV23 and PCV13. Town Nurse Lisa White is holding on-going pneumonia clinics for residents who need either of these vaccines.  The annual flu vaccine for all ages is also still available.  Please contact Lisa directly to discuss your needs at 413-665-1400 x 114 or stop by her regular hours in the Community Room at Stoughton Place, 12 Main Rd. Gill from 9-11 AM on the second Friday of each month.


Public health permits and licenses that are issued by the Board of Health can now be applied for online. Online payment is also available. To learn more and to make out an application, visit Click on the link to also see the fee schedule for health permits (look for "Click here for CPHS Fee Schedule")

Cooperative Public Health Services - Medication Management and Symptom Management for Gill Residents
Because we are part of the Franklin County Cooperative Public Health Service (CPHS), Gill residents have access to a new program that provides direct assistance from our Public Health Nurse to help individuals and their family members to be effective managers of their own care. The Self-Management Assistance Program focuses on two areas, Medication Management and Symptom Management. To learn more about these programs, CLICK HERE.

Flu Symptoms Chart

For a handy dandy chart outlining the difference in symptoms between a cold, seasonal flu, and H1N1 flu click here.

Well/Water Supply Information

Rabies Information

Other Info

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Board of Health

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   Gill-BOH-2012-11-13-Fee-Schedule.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-2013-03-26-Prohibit-Smoking-Workplace-Public-Places-Regulation.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-2013-03-26-Restricting-Sales-of-Tobacco-Regulation.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-2013 med mgmt flyer.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-2014-01-01-Fee-Schedule.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-2015-05-26-Tobacco-Regulations-effective-2015-0901.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-50-Rabies.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-bats-and-rabies-alert-7 09.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-camp exposure.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-Certified-Laboratories-Available-Outside-Regular-Working-Hours.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-Flooding-and-Sewage-Backups.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-Flu-Symptoms.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-Living with Suburban.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-Management-of-dogs-and-cats-exposed-to-wildlife.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-Rabies-protocol-definitions-11-5-08.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-rabies scenarios-Living-with-Rabies-in-Your-Community.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-Recommendations-for-Private-Wells-Inundated-by-Flooding.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-BOH-sampling-bact.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill-Tobacco-Sales-Regulation-draft-4-15-15.pdf 2017-06-15 09:00:00
   Gill BOH 2018 Permethrin Fact Sheet TER.pdf 2018-05-15 14:24:02
   Gill BOH 2018 Tick Prevention Testing and Removal.pdf 2018-05-15 14:24:03
   Gill BOH 2018 Tick Testing Program FAQ.pdf 2018-05-15 14:24:03
   Gill BOH Regulations for Adult-Use Marijuana adopted 08-01-2018.pdf 2018-10-15 17:18:38
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