Old Law & Reference Books seeking a new home

Here at the Town Hall, we have been working to go through a lot of items that are located and stored in the basement, especially since the flooding in the Town Hall back in February.

We are trying to organize, itemize, recycle, and/or make the space in the basement more conducive for future use by freeing up space. In short, we are trying to reduce the items located in the basement to what is essential for efficient operation(s) of the Town.

During this process, we have located a bunch of old Law & Reference Books in the basement that have sustained some minor damage to their character from being stored in the basement through the years and the flooding event. Attached is an itemized list of the books, with their associated years. They range from Massachusetts Appeals Court Reports, years 1972-1991, to Agriculture of Massachusetts in 1896.

We are looking to see if these old books could find a new home, and generate any interest for someone wanting to take ownership of them? Would anyone want any of these, please contact the Town Hall at: 413-863-2119, or email Tim Batchelder at: clerical@gillmass.org

Please see the attached itemized list of books in the attached word document.

If not, we will recycle them.

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