Historical Commission

Tuesday, May 16, 2023, 3:00 pm
Riverside Municipal Building
A meeting of the Historical Commission


Gill Historical Commission

Tuesday, May 16, 2023, 3:00 p.m.,

Riverside Municipal Building

Call to order: ____________

1. New business, Preservation Planning II, continued: Gill’s Burial Grounds (to 4:00 p.m.)

(April’s discussion of Properties to Repair and Preserve will continue at the June meeting).

a. Welcome and introductions to guest Joan Pillsbury, Chair of the Cemetery Commission in charge of the town cemeteries. (Pam)

b. What work has been done in Gill’s cemeteries? What needs to be done? (e.g. photo inventories, biographies, fencing, repair (Joan and Pam)

c. Information on old burial stones: speaker from Amherst (Joan)

d. Discussion to continue: GHC’s event with Gravestone Girls, April, 2024

2. Old and continuing business (to 4:50)

3. Approve the minutes from meetings on Sept. 30, 2022; Feb. 21, 2023; and April 18, 2023.

4. Treasurer’s report (Charlene: GHC finances through 5/09/23)

Town budget account: $289.43 (Reimbursement of $40.00 to Kit for photo book)

Donation account: $77 donations; $150 for 3 books sold, 2 Riverside and 1 Jennie

Expenses: $25 for Richard Little’s book on Franklin County geology

Ending balance: $3,681.31

Cultural Council Grant for Geology Event: $275 awarded; $200 spent so far

Expenses coming up e.g. flowers for National Register signs: costs and payments

5. Updates and short reports

a. “The Deep History of Gill” of April 29: a great success! (Terri, Bob, Pam, Janet)

b. Anchorage and kiosk repairs (Terri, Bob)

c. Severance House; collection plans; acquisitions: French King Bridge parts? (Pam)

d. Links to updates on GHC-related topics:

1. May 3, Recorder: FERC-FirstLight comment period requested (then extended)

To comment to FERC: https://greeninggreenfieldma.org/action/ct-river-hydro?layout=edit&id675

2. May 3 Battlefield Advisory Board meeting recorded by oral historians Michael and Carrie Kline

(see forwarded message with link)

3. Western Mass. Historical Commission Coalition workshop (April 20, 2023) link from Jenn

Doherty, MHC: Supposed to be made available at Preservation Massachusetts website – TBA!

e. Next meeting: Properties to Repair and Preserve, continued; how to set priorities for GHC work

6. Other business not anticipated at time of posting

7. Adjournment: _________ Next meeting: Tuesday, June 20, 2023, 3:00 p.m., RMB