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Franklin County Cooperative Public Health Services (CPHS):
Glen Ayers, Regional Health Agent, 413-774-3167 ext 106
Lisa White, Public Health Nurse, 413-665-1400 ext. 114

Gill Board of Health:
Doug Edson, Chair, 413-863-8246
Randy Crochier, Secretary, 413-863-2353
Ed Galipault, 413-863-8576

Office Address: 325 Main Road, Gill, MA 01354-9758
Phone: 413-863-9347
Fax: 413-863-7775

Meeting schedule: The Board generally meets the second and fourth Tuesday of the month at 5:00 p.m.

Free Flu Vaccine Clinic, All Ages
There will be a community-wide flu clinic on Wednesday, November 19th from 3:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m. at the Gill Elementary School.

The clinic is for all ages (6 mos. + older), and both the injectable and nasal mist vaccines are available.

There is no fee, but please bring your health insurance card if you have one.

The clinic is sponsored by the Gill Board of Health, Gill Elementary School, the Franklin Regional Council of Governments (FRCOG) Cooperative Public Health Service, and local caring volunteers!

For more information contact: Lisa White, RN, Regional Public Health Nurse, FRCOG at (413) 665-1400 x 114

FREE Tick Testing
As reported in the Nov. 25, 2013 issue of The Recorder, the UMASS Laboratory of Medical Zoology provides tick-testing services to help families and physicians identify and map the distribution of ticks and the many disease-causing pathogens they carry. The tick and pathogen identification service normally costs $40 per tick, but because of a state grant, Gill residents can have this testing done for FREE (up to 100 ticks for the Town). To learn more, visit the LMZ's website: To submit a tick for testing, visit

Public health permits and licenses that are issued by the Board of Health can now be applied for online. Online payment is also available. To learn more and to make out an application, visit The fee schedule for health permits is here: Fee Schedule.

Tobacco Regulations - adopted March 26, 2013
"Regulation Restricting the Sale of Tobacco Products and Nicotine Delivery Products"

"Regulation Prohibiting Smoking in Workplaces and Public Places

Cooperative Public Health Services - Medication Management and Symptom Management for Gill Residents
Because we are part of the Franklin County Cooperative Public Health Service (CPHS), Gill residents have access to a new program that provides direct assistance from our Public Health Nurse to help individuals and their family members to be effective managers of their own care. The Self-Management Assistance Program focuses on two areas, Medication Management and Symptom Management. To learn more about these programs, CLICK HERE.

Cooperative Public Health Services - Benefitting Gill, Benefitting You!
Are you interested in learning about all the ways that the Town's membership in the Franklin County Cooperative Public Health Service has helped residents of Gill? Click HERE to see a list of all the services that are being provided.

Flu Symptoms Chart
For a handy dandy chart outlining the difference in symptoms between a cold, seasonal flu, and H1N1 flu click here.

Well/Water Supply Information
Recommendations for Private Wells Inundated by Flooding
Flooding and Sewage Backups
Well Disinfection
Bacteria Sampling Procedure
Certified Drinking Water Labs

Rabies Information Dept. of Public Health rabies website.
Dept. of Public Health Guidelines on Rabies.
Wildlife Rabies Dept. of Fisheries *& Wildlife bulletin on wildlife with rabies.
Co-existing with Suburban Wildlife Tips for co-existing with wildlife in a suburban environment.
Recreational Camps Protecting from rabies exposure at recreational camps.
Rabies Protocol Steps to take if a dog or cat is exposed to wildlife.
Rabies Protocol Definitions Definitions of terms associated with rabies exposure protocols.
Rabies Bulletin Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health bulletin about rabies.
Bats and Potential Rabies Exposure Massachusetts Dept. of Public Health bulletin about bats and the potential for exposure to rabies.

Well Regulations
Septic Regulations
Septic Policy
Food Inspection Program Policy
Policy on Employment of Outside Consultants